Prevent diabetes with HALT Diabetes NE

Nebraska's online Diabetes Prevention Program
Each participant is paired with a personal lifestyle coach and online peer group for help and support.
Lifestyle Coach

Users are assigned their own Lifestyle Coach to help support them in their journey.

Engaging Curriculum

National DPP video and lesson plan curriculum included.


Users may participate in the program through their smart phone or computer.

Easy Tracking

Users easily journal their food and activity through the app or website.

Exercise Tracking

Users can easily track their exercise patterns.

Meal Tracking

Users can track their food and drink intake giving them great visual accountability, they can also track mood, hunger-levels and portion of meal consumed.


Users can message their coach through the app or website.


Users are grouped into communities to give and receive support and encouragement.


“The Diabetes Prevention Program provided the framework I needed to succeed in losing 50+ pounds and keeping it off for over 3 years. Setting small goals made them more attainable, which prompted me to keep going.”

- Garden County, NE

Any Device. Anywhere.

Adding online delivery to your program increases your reach by 300%+

HALT Diabetes NE is dedicated to providing an engaging and successful program by utilizing Nebraska-based lifestyle coaches to help reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.