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“The Diabetes Prevention Program provided the framework I needed to succeed in losing 50+ pounds and keeping it off for over 3 years. Setting small goals made them more attainable, which prompted me to keep going.”

– Garden County, NE

““I started this program because my dad’s three siblings were diabetic, so I have a very strong motivator to stay as healthy as I can. So far I have lost 21 pounds and very excited for the progress I have made.”

– Chadron, NE

“Before this class, I was in a very low place emotionally and really struggling with mental health issues. The accountability this class provides has helped me tremendously. Moving more as a daily routine has increased my energy levels and my mood significantly.”

– Chadron, NE

“I started the Diabetes Prevention Program because I was overweight and all my numbers were up. I also have a sister with diabetes so I was getting a little worried about my own health. I just had my health screening done and to my surprise all of my numbers were down 3% or more. I was so excited!”

– Sidney, NE